Petal & Wood's Story

Six years ago I was in my not so fabulous forties in a miserable marriage and drowning in work running my husband’s catering business whilst pouring my devotion into my Aromatherapy Clinic and love into my two small children.

It was a balancing act with no balance.

I was worn out, unappreciated and felt invisible.

We moved back to the bosom of my hometown Byron Bay. My family was there to offer support, care and create the solace my soul needed.

I craved time and space in nature.

As I rested and healed, I began to paint. Not the way I had in my art college days; I began to paint in scent. My 30 years in the Aromatherapy Industry meant that the ability to do this was now ingrained within my DNA. Visions would pour into my sleep and as I woke, I would blend them into perfume stories.

As I walked in the hills, another blend would filter into my consciousness. I was making new memories and the more I “painted”, the more my heart opened, and more blends tumbled into fruition.

Petal & Wood was born from the breathings of my heart; 

a heart that burns with the longing for every woman to comprehend.

Comprehend her inherent, divine nature.

Comprehend her beauty. 

Comprehend her power.

Every woman should feel seen, appreciated and invigorated, and if I can help with that, I feel nothing but fulfilled.

After all, nobody is invisible when they smell amazing.


No synthetic ingredients


Australian made and owned

We Care

Plant Based, Cruelty Free & Vegan