Terms and Conditions

Allergen Caution

Some of Petal&Wood’s products contain nuts or traces of nuts. If you suffer from allergies, we recommend not using Petal&Wood products.

Some essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor before using Petal&Wood products.

We recommend all customers patch test our products before use. Petal&Wood will not be held liable for any allergic reactions to our products.


Petal&Wood will not be held liable for any damage caused to your property, person or belongings sustained through the use of Petal&Wood products. Petal&Wood provides usage instructions, safety warnings & care instructions for our products. Please read carefully before use.


Petal&Wood products are handcrafted and all are a little different. All the Petal&Wood ingredients are natural and subject to seasonal and geographical chemotype variations. These variations are part of the boutique charm of our natural products.


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