Blissful Blends

Blissful Blends

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Happy. Study. Rest. Play. 

Imbue your day with the scents that evoke fun, clarity and relaxation

Collection includes:

Love 10mL - Evokes feelings of creativity, peace and affection.

Focus 10mL - Brighten your day, uplift and focus your mind to help increase concentration and ease stress. Perfect for students, office and to spark joy in the home

Calm 10mL - Evokes happiness and calm but without being sleepy. It helps dispel feelings of overwhelm, worry and anxiety.

Tranquil 10mL - Transforms the bedroom into a serene retreat space with a relaxed ambiance.

Lovingly boxed with luxurious black tissue and embellished with flower petals.

100% Natural

No synthetic ingredients


Australian made and owned

We Care

Plant Based, Cruelty Free & Vegan